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Getting to and from Bondi Beach


  • Catch a Sydney Trains service to Bondi Junction Station on the T4 Eastern Suburbs Line.
    • From Bondi Junction station, Bondi Beach is approximately a 40 minute walk (3.2km) so jump on a Sydney Buses service.



  • Sydney Buses services will operate to a regular timetable during Sculpture by the Sea.
  • Extra Route 361 buses will operate on weekends between Bondi Junction and Tamarama.
  • A special summer weekend beach service will also be operating from Bondi Beach, commencing 25 October.

Travelling from the City

  • Catch the Route 333 (PrePay only) or Route 380 to Bondi Beach from Circular Quay, via Elizabeth and Oxford Streets.

Travelling from Bondi Junction Interchange

  • From Bondi Junction Station, follow the signs to the Bondi Junction Interchange and head to Stand A for a Route 333, 380 or 381 bus to Bondi Beach.
  • Additional Route 361 services from Bondi Junction via South Bondi and Tamarama depart approximately every 15 minutes on Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00.
  • From Tamarama, catch the Route 361 bus back to Bondi Junction (weekends only).

Summer Weekend Beach Service – commencing 25 October.

  • Sydney Buses will be operating a special Route 362 summer bus between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach and Coogee Beach on weekends and public holidays.
  • The Route 362 service will run around every 30 minutes from Bondi Beach from 10:25 to 19:25.
    • Services from Coogee will operate from 09:55 to 18:55.

PrePay Information

  • From 07:00 to 19:00 on Monday to Friday, bus stops in the CBD and along Oxford St (up to and including the Bondi Junction Interchange) are PrePay only.
    • Route 333 is a PrePay only route at all times.
  • You won’t be able to buy a ticket on board PrePay buses, so make sure you have a pre-purchased ticket before travelling from these stops.


  • The easiest way to get to Bondi Beach on public transport is by purchasing a Bondi Beach Link ticket.
  • This one ticket covers your travel from any train station to Bondi Junction, plus travel on Sydney Buses services to Bondi Beach.
  • You can buy your Bondi Beach Link ticket from train ticket offices or ticket vending machines on stations.


  • Sydney Ferries services are running to a regular timetable.
  • Keep in mind that Ferry services get busy during spring and are likely to reach capacity early.
  • There is no ferry wharf at Bondi Beach, so if you want to travel on the ferry then catch a service to Circular Quay ferry wharf where you can change for a bus to Bondi Beach.


  • For information about current traffic conditions visit Live Traffic NSW.
  • You can also download the free iPhone, iPad or Android app or call the Traffic Information Line on 132 701.



Accessible transport options can be found on the Trip planner by checking ‘Mobility options’. Only trip plans with accessible train platforms, ferry wharves and buses will be presented.


Transport options from Transport NSW: http://www.transportnsw.info/en/transport-status/events/2014/10/sculpture-by-the-sea.page?


  • Many of Sydney Buses’ services are wheelchair accessible. Features of wheelchair accessible buses include wider doors and aisles, and space for two mobility aids such as wheelchairs, some ride-on scooters and prams or strollers. See travel on accessible buses.


  • The entire Sydney Ferries fleet is wheelchair accessible via accessible ferry wharves (pending tidal and safety conditions). See accessible ferries and wharves.

Light Rail

  • Light rail services have accessible stops and there is dedicated space on board each vehicle for a wheelchair, pram or other mobility device. See accessible light rail.


  • Wheelchair accessible taxis operate in NSW. For information on travelling by wheelchair accessible taxis and how to book, see wheelchair accessible taxis.